Donate Bitcoins to the Campaign

We welcome Bitcoin donations. We support currency freedom! However, in order to promote the use of Bitcoins for these purposes, our campaign must comply with federal and state election/campaign finance laws.

In the spirit of transparency and legality, we require the following information from all donors, whether BTC or USD. We really appreciate your support!

Any donor needs to be a US citizen or a lawful permanent US resident with a "green card". We require the contributor’s name and home post office address with every donation. For contributions of more than $100 USD (cumulatively) we also need your employer, city of employment, and job title. The maximum donation limit from any one contributor on a cumulative basis is $2,000 total in this 2012 election cycle ($1,000 USD primary + $1,000 USD general).

Any amount is appreciated. There are six suggested dollar amounts below, but you can easily change the amount on the following (linked) page. To choose a different $ amount, we suggest you click the $10 donation button, then adjust the "Quantity" on the following page such that it matches your desired donation.

Although not required by law, we ask that you supply a valid email address. If you have not supplied the information we need to comply with the election laws, and we have no way to contact you (such as by emailing you), then we will unfortunately have no choice but to give your donation to an appropriate charity.

Donations to Mark Warden for State Rep are not deductible for income tax purposes.

Donations are shown here denominated in US Dollars but will be sent and received as Bitcoins, at the prevailing BitPay conversion rate.

Please select a donation amount:

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“I fully support Mark’s candidacy and look forward to serving beside him in the legislature next year.”

“Mark treats his real estate customers with respect. He deals with contractors professionally and fairly. Good luck in your race; you’ve got my vote!”